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It's cold outside

With the temperature about to drop to around -15 here in Johannisholm, Sweden this week. I thought I would write about Hypothermia and how to avoid and treat if needs be.

Mild hypothermia is when the body temperature is lowed to 34°C.

Severe hypothermia is when body temperature is below 32°C

People suffering severe hypothermia may be disoriented, confused, uncoordinated or completely unresponsive.

Where as a person with mild hypothermia might be conscious and alert, yet shivering and displaying slightly impaired coordination.

Patient care with severe hypothermia.

STOP assess the scene

THINK your safety

ACT check responsiveness

Alert emergency services.

don't move the patient unless necessary to prevent further loss of heat.

Remove wet clothes, cover with warm blankets or thick clothes.

Patient with mild hypothermia

Move patient to a warm, dry shelter, wrap in blankets or clothes.

If wet, provide dry clothing

give warm drinks non alcoholic and continue to monitor.

If you would like to know more about first aid why not join me on the Emergency First Response course, contact me for further details.

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