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Spending time in nature and the benefits it gives you.

Spending time in nature, even for as little as 5 minutes each day, improves your self-esteem and heightens your mood. If you extend your time outside it can provide extensive health benefits.

So why is it good for you?

Enhanced calm:

Spending time in nature can lower stress and anxiety lower your heart rate and cortisol levels (your bodies main stress hormone).

Improved focus:

With our digital world which gives us a greater mental fatigue, nature provides us with "attention restoration" it enhances creativity and problem solving skills. Both adults and children improve learning capabilities due to being expose to the outdoors.

Lowers depression:

Rumination a constant reference to negative thoughts, emotions and memories a precursor to depression, saps your motivation and increases frustration. Regarding studies in nature, when people spend at least 30 minutes day outside they have an increase activity in the prefrontal cortex which improves mood and positive thoughts.

Time to get outdoors!

Forest bathing:

Based on the Japanese custom of Shinrin-yoku. The concept is that you use all of your 5 senses and allow yourself to be immersed in the natural environment. Listen to the birds singing, look at all the different colours of the leaves on the trees, smell the earthiness of the forest, dip your finger into the cool water and taste the air.

Outdoor Activities:

The changing terrain challenges your body in ways no treadmill can, the fresh air that cleans your lungs and being in the sun helps your body to create vitamin D.

Meditative walks:

Nothing alleviates the specter of rumination more quickly than a walk in nature, whether it be a 20 minutes stroll through the city park or spending all day hiking in the mountains. Focus on present movement thus creating a welcomed distraction from what is troubling you.

Why not come and join us at Wilderness Spirit in the tranquility of the forests and surround lakes in Johannisholm, Dalarna, Sweden.

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