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Creating the heat.

As the temperature here in Sweden is -19°c at the moment, i thought i would share a warming post.

Fire and the steps in its making.

Fire has many uses from providing heat for warmth, cooking to signalling and boosting morale.

Step one: Fuel. Tinder birch bark, fluff / lint from your dryer, dry grasses to cotton wool. These form the base of the fire.

Kindling dry sticks (match to finger in size), bark, pine cones these carry the flame from the tinder and give strength so larger fuels can be added.

Stage two: Ignition. Match, flint and striker, lens and sunlight these focused sparks into the tinder to ignite and light the kindling.

Stage three: Oxygen let it do its thing continue to feed the fire with larger sticks and watch the fire grow and enjoy.

Remember to completley put out the fire to prevent risk of spreading and leave the environment in a good condition.

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Jim Schofield
Jim Schofield
Jan 16, 2021

Lightning fire

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