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Kolbulle is a traditional Swedish dish typically eaten by workers, thanks to its filling qualities and the richness in fat which gives plenty of energy. Kolbullen was first discovered in Hälsingland, but soon spread to Jämtland Härjedalen, this was eaten by lumberjacks and charcoal burners during their long periods in the forests with no access to fresh ingredients. Kolbullen were fried over the open fire. The batter is a mixture of water, flour and salt, preferably made a day in advance. A frying pan was heated over the fire and the bacon was fried first. Smoked or diced salted pork that had a long shelf life; this was commonly used and was perfect for taking into the forests. When the pork has fried, the batter – which is now thick and smooth, is added and properly browned in lard or cooking oil.

Nowadays there are probably people who turn their noses up at this stodgy pancake that pretty much drips with fat, but after being in the smoke of the fire, it is wonderful to receive piping hot kolbullen in an already greasy serviette. Salty, crispy and with a dollop of Lingon jam, oh so taste tastic. Traditional Swedish food like it should be.

If you would like to try and make Kolbulle, contact me for further details.

See you in the wilderness

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